VMC1690L large heavy duty machining center
VMC1690L large heavy duty machining center
VMC1690L large heavy duty machining center
VMC1690L large heavy duty machining center
VMC1690L large heavy duty machining center

Item specifics

Numerical control
Control method
Semi-closed loop control
Three axis
XY axis linear guideway Z axis linear/box guideway



Product Introduction


Heavy cutting high rigidity machining center

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VMC1690L High Rigidity Heavy Cutting Vertical Machining Center

This series heavy duty machining center adopts the moving structure of cross sliding table and sliding guide,which is mainly applied in processing of middle and small scale complicated parts.Apply the computeraided engineering(CAE)system to finish the optimized structure design and enhance the reliability of machine tool,and the finite element method(FEM)to take the scientific analysis and optimization of design structure, which can guarantee the rigidity and stability of the whole machine structure.

Product Detailed Parameters

Machine Model : VMC1690L

working size1700 x 850mm
Max. load capacity1500kg
X travel1650mm
Y travel900mm
Z travel900mm
Spindle nose taperBT50 
Spindle speed (pulley)6000rpm
Rapid traverse rate24/24/12m/min
Number of tools24T

Product Details Map

Machine Structure:

X, Y, Z three-axis adopts ultra-wide guide rails, which have excellent rigidity, vibration absorption (suppressing vibration generated when cutting tools) and damping (preventing vibration when the guide system is started or stopped)

Suitable for machine tools with heavy cutting loading 

Y axes are supported by 4 guide rails, which has stronger carrying capacity. X and Y axis are linear guideway. Z axis is box / linear guideway.

Spindle :

Taiwan brand short nose  BT50-190mm spindle, standard is belt drive 8000rpm. 

15/18.5Kw large power motor with high torque 143Nm

Ultralight spindle headstock and Z axis with counter balance block

Manual Scrape :

Manual scraping is used on the main joint surface to ensure effective contact area

Axes Driving :

The 3 axes servo motors are directly connected to the high-precision ball screw via a gapless elastic coupling to ensure transmission accuracy. 

 All servo motors are equipped with absolute encoders to increase efficiency and reliability. 

The three axis screw is pre-stretched to eliminate the influence of screw temperature rise on machining accuracy  

Physical Picture