New models SVB500/650 presentation

New models SVB500/650 presentation


Due to customer demand changed in recent years, in order to keep up with the market trends and for our own rapid development, we are cooperating with TAIWAN and JAPAN to absorb their advanced technology to upgraded all models.

New models SVB500/650 presentation

Let's start to introduce some super characteristics of SVB500/650.

1. Machine parameters. We upgraded the spindle motor, rapid feed speed and so on.

2. Machine frame. Adopt Pagoda type structure design and reinforcing ribs  inside to ensure rigidity. Z axis servo motor with brake replaces counter-balance to provide optimal surface accuracy on 3D machning. Ballscrews are 3216 type and linear guideways are 35mm to ensure the machine stability. 

3. Tool magazine. Shoulder-carrying tool magazine structure ensure superior balance of vertical column to avoid any deformation and we use variable frequency driven tool magazine to offer a faster tool changing. Standard overall protection shield for tool magazine to avoid pollution to tools.

4. Transmission parts. Integral transmission units are applied on 3 axes. This offers more advantage on the steadiness on the accuracy. But this complex structure requires higher end machining equipment like 5 axes double column machining centers, that is also the reason why Sino keeps investing a lot on equipment.

5. Outside machine shield improved.

6. High efficiency chip removal system. 

With many advantages and super performance. It is worth trying!