FAQ: Is reduction of machining paramter the only solution when the machining break down?

Time: 2016-08-23

Customer asks: Normally, in CNC machining shop, reducing the machining parameter, has been considered as a correct action by operator. I want to know that, is this the only way? 

Answer: This is not absolute. Yes, operators tend to lower the machining parameters when there is problem on machining. However, in high speed operation, this solution is not correct, and it is opposite to what high speed machining means.We know that, the paramters are very important, such as cutting depth, spindle speed, and tool length will affect the performance of machining. But if there is a tremulous sound the high speed working machine, which reflects that the machine is not working well. Just by reducing the machining parameters will have negative influence. We can not just use the common way, but we can try to increase the parameters. If spindle speed and tool length is related in this machining, by increase on paramter, the trembling sound on the machine will be sloved. It may sound strange to what people normally do. But in real condition, the higher spindle speed with lower rigidity tool, will allow the machine to handle with more aggressive cutting depth, thus the these changes will make vibration of the system be more concordant.

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