FAQ: How should I choose a machining center?

Time: 2016-07-30

Customer asks: As your company has different types of machining centers, how should I choose the suitable one?

Answer: First of all, mainly we need to choose the correct machine according to our machining requirements. If you need to do machining on work pieces which has more than two planes or on planes or bores which is in radialized distribution, and all types of cabinet, and workpiece that requires high accuracy, it would be better to choose horizontal machining center; Work pieces of single plane, such as plate parts, they are more suitable to be worked with vertical machining center; While for complicated curves, such as inducer, impeller, you need to choose 5 axes machining center; And while you need to do many curves machining in one clamping, you need to choose five surfaces machining center. While for big work piece, such as maching body, column, you can use gantry type machining center.

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