Reasons for fault on tool changing on vertial machining center

Time: 2016-07-18


The most clear advantage of CNC machining center is that, the tools can be changed automatically, which enables operation of several procedures on work piece. As the tool changing is automatic, so sometime, there maybe problem on tool changing. What are the main reasons? Please see as below:

1. The manipulator is not back to Zero point , or the system does not catch the signal of manipulator zero returning.

2. Problem on the electromagnetic valve on turning cylinder, no action on tool sleeve returning.

3. Problem on air circulation of turning cylinder, e.g. Not enough air pressure, blocked air circulation.

4. Mechanical problem of tool sleeve returning. e.g. The rod broken, damages parts, tool sleeve blocked.

  If you need to turn the tool sleeve manually, please check the following points and see if they are normal:

1. Check the circuit and gas circulation and see if they are normal.

2. Check the manul tool clamping

3. Check the air pressure

4.Make the tool sleeve up and down with single command and see if it is normal.

Check and find the reasons from above parts, and do maintenance accordingly. Then the problem of tool changing fault will be sloved.

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