Tips for selection of CNC tools

Time: 2016-05-23
Summary: 5 tips for selection of CNC tools

Compared with traditional machining work, CNC machining( SINOCNC offer a wide range of vertical machining centers, click  and you will see more)has more strict requirements on tools, especially on rigidness and duralbity. Machine capacity, material of workpiece, machining procedures and machining data, these conditions should be fully considered when you are going to choose the shanks and tools. The general rule is: high precision and intensity, good rigidness, durability and size stability , easy installation. It would be better to choose shorter shank when the machining requirements is fulfilled.

Currently, there are five types of materials of tools: high speed steel, carbide, ceramic , cubic boron nitride and polycrystalline diamond.

1. The general rule is choose carbide tools. If carbide tool can meet the machining requirements, then use carbide tools.  Do not use high speed steel.

2. Ceramic tools can not only be used on cast iron and steel materials, but also can be used on nonferrous metal and non-metal materials.

3. Diamond and cubic boron nitride belongs to super hard material. They can be used to work on all materials of different hardness, which is of high precision and small roughness.

Polycrystalline diamond cutters normally are used on nonferrous metal and non-metal materials.

Cubic boron nitride are normally used on chilled iron of hardness >450HBS, structural alloy steel, tool steel, high speed steel, bearing steel, nickel-base alloyo of hardness >350HBS, cobalt-base alloys and parts of High cobalt powder.

4. From the structural application, the CNC machining should apply block type clamp, which can reduce the time of changing and adjusting.

5. Choose coated tool which has better abrasion performance and durability.

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