Tips for taking good care of your CNC milling machine

Time: 2016-01-14
Summary: CNC milling machine; Maintenance

Regular and good maintenance of CNC milling machine which not only ensures the working accuracy but also prolong the service life of the machine. Following, we will introduce how to do maintenance on CNC milling machine:

Firstly, please be noted that: Do not do any maintenance when machine is power on. And during maintenance work, the circuit breaker should be in the state of OFF.

Tips for maintenance on working precision:

1. Warming up the machine for about 10 minutes after the machine is power on. And then start machining. If the machine has been in rest quite long, prolong the warming up time.

2. Check and see if the oil circuit are smooth and unblocked.

3. Make the worktable be in the middle of the machine before power off. ( The travel of 3 axes, X,Y and Z be in the middle of each travel stroke)

4. Keep the machine clean and dry.

Tips for daily maintenance:

1. Check the oil level of the lubrication oil and make sure there is enough oil.

2. Check the cooling liquid condition in the cooling liquid box.

3. Check the oil level of pneumatic unit. Make sure it is about 2/3 of the whole oil tube. Discharge the water vapour inside the  pneumatic tank the everyday.

4. Check the air pressure, loosen the adjusting button. It would be better to set it as "6KG/CM~2". It will give alarm when it is lower than 4KG/CM~2.

5. Check and see if the spindle air blast system is normal or not. Clean the spindle taper with cotton cloth, and then spray with clean oil.

6. Clean the arm and tool in the tool magzine, especially the tool chuck.

7. Clean the exposed limitation switches and blocks.

8. Clean the cutting scraps and dirty oil on worktable, inside the machine and protection cover.

9. Check all the signal lights, and make sure all are in normal state.

10. Check and see if there are leakage in the oil tube.

11. Clean the machine after daily work.

12. Keep the surrounding tidy and clean.

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