New product: training platform for school tender

Time: 2015-11-25
Summary: Good cost training machine TP610 for school tender from sino cnc.

As a machine manufacturer with more than 80years' experience, SINO cnc has been focusing on supplying machines with good stability, rigidity and accuracy to those end users who use them to process in their workshop. We pay less attention on school tender because this is not our main market. In this market, they mostly desire low cost not others.

Now with the struction revolution and creativeness encourage inside company, the young people become the main force. They dare to challenge all they can. Then training platform TP610 comes out with good cost and also superior performance.


1.    Recogonition training for electrical assembly drawing, electricalschematic diagram and electrical wiring diagram.

2.    Recogonition training for electrical parts, wires andcable model.

3.    Training for electrical arrangement.

4.    Training for choosing suitable electrical parts.

5.    Training for wiring.

6.    Training for CNC system connecting, operationprogramming, specification setting and commissioning.

7.    Training for PLC formation and commissioning.

8.    Training for installing frequency inverter and servodriver.

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